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Computer & Internet Use Policy

The McBride & District Public Library considers the Internet to be one of the richest information resources available. We offer free access to public computer workstations and wireless internet. Library membership is not required.

You may print from any of the public workstations; copies are $0.25 for black and white printing per page or $0.75 for colour printing.

The Library upholds the values outlined in the Canadian Charter of Rights and Freedoms, including intellectual freedom and free access to information. We do not filter or limit internet access. It is the responsibility of parents and/or guardians to consider their child’s usage and provide guidance. Since workstations are in a public place, content and images may be viewed by people of all ages, backgrounds, and sensibilities, including children. Individuals are asked to be aware of others when using computers or the internet in the library. Library users have the right to confidentiality and privacy when using electronic and other resources, but privacy cannot be guaranteed in our public setting.

Patrons must not use any workstation or wireless network for illegal, actionable or criminal purposes.

We ask that those using our facilities do not change settings or programs on the public workstations. Sessions are limited to ½ an hour when others are waiting.

Children 11 years of age or younger require a signed permission slip. You can download form here. We require parents/caregivers to bring the completed form to staff in person.

Child-friendly computer times are as follows: Tues, Fri and Sat from 3-5pm.