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You can download eBooks, audioBooks and popular magazines from a variety of sources:

Download eBooks and audioBooks from Library2Go.
Many new release downloadable audioBooks—all iPod®-compatible—including popular best-selling titles from your favorite publishers as well as exclusive Recorded Books titles. Download from RBdigital now.
Download popular magazines to your tablet, smart phone or computer using RBdigital Magazines!

Streaming movies are always available with your library card.

IndieFlix offers award-winning shorts, features, and documentaries from more than 50 countries.

Available on all Internet-enabled computers, tablets (including iPad and Android), smart phones through the Web browser, and on Roku and Xbox.

Digital talking books for people with print disabilities available from NNELS.This library is participating!
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If our library doesn’t have what you’re looking for, find it at another library and request it to be delivered to the McBride & District Public Library.



The Internet Archive is a free online library of millions of books, audio-visual resources, software, websites, and more. Notable collections include a live music archive with an extensive collection of Grateful Dead recordings; the Prelinger Archives collection of rare and obscure 1950s advertising and film clips; old time radio programs; access to nearly 3 million digital copies of public domain books; thousands of images from the Brooklyn Museum; and a collection of NASA films and images.
HathiTrust Managed by a group of research universities, HathiTrust provides Canadian users with free access to roughly 3.5 million digital books and articles. Notable collections include genealogical records, classic novels, and patent indexes.
Archives Canada has an extensive collection of over 170,000 digital copies of texts, images, and audio-files